Lima&Lou Family Planner 2021

We simply cannot do without a good familyplanner anymore. Our busy lives demand structure, because structure gives us ease and steadfastness. That is why we have developed the A-Journal Family Planner 2020. A Lovely design, with a clear weekly overview and lots of room for keeping lists. Lists, lists, lists, because they help you to stay organized and in control of your life, and prevent you from losing control and forget important stuff. Isn’t it handy to keep score of to-do’s, not-to-do’s, groceries, family time, weekly notes and – ofcourse- “This week’s rating”?
The planner allows you to schedule for 5 people (or pets!): familymembers roommates or maybe even colleagues. Scheduling all your activities in one combined document will enhance the time which remains to spend together.
Oh, almost forgot! The A-Journal has lots of fun, handy stickers. In fact, it is indispensable for everyone who likes to be in control and wants to have time left to spend on fun things as well.


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